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Sleep Apnea Orthodontics Treatment

Sleep Apnea Management - A BREATH OF FRESH AIR

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It is a common condition nowadays that causes you to stop or struggle to breathe due to blockage of the airways. It can be obstructive when there is a blockage in the upper airways and can be central because the brain stops sending signals to the respiratory center to breathe. It can be due to obstruction or blocking of airways or the brain not sending signals to the respiratory center to breathe.

Signs and symptoms may vary from person to person, mild and severe. The main symptoms are frequent loud snoring, gasping during sleep, daytime sleepiness, or fatigue. Some people may have dry mouth, morning headaches, or insomnia.


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One should avoid the risk factors leading to such diseases, which can become serious health conditions. Generally, this condition can affect anyone, but some things put you more at risk of developing sleep apnea. These are:

  • If you are a smoker or smoke before sleeping
  • If you are overweight
  • If Using alcohol before sleep at night
  • Some Medications, such as sedatives
  • If you have tonsils or any other allergies
  • Hypertension, COPD, Diabetes type2, Cardiovascular disease patients

Sleep Apnea Treatment Options

There are different options based on the type and severity of sleep apnea. Many treatments should be part of daily routine to reduce sleep apnea symptoms. In many cases, lifestyle changes help reduce the signs and give relief by Trying weight loss techniques, side sleeping, raising the head of the bed, and healthy lifestyle changes can reduce the symptoms. Other possible treatments include:

  • Wearing oral or dental appliances:

Early Orthodontics treatments could reverse the causes of obstructive sleep apnea, especially in children and adults. So consult an orthodontist if you are feeling any of the symptoms.

  • Breathing devices (CPAP machines)

Breathing devices are designed to hold your airways open while you sleep. It maintains the pressure that prevents your airways from blockage. The most commonly used are CPAP machines.

  • Surgery

When other options are not working, physicians sometimes suggest nose, throat, or airway surgeries to prevent blockage.

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Orthodontics may help to restore sleep and give relief. Interrupted sleep and lack of oxygen can cause many serious complications. Still, when orthodontist experts work closely with sleep specialists and surgeons to help design a treatment plan, it will ultimately lead the patients toward a healthier life. The goal of the appliance is to position the lower jaw slightly forward gently. This slight repositioning of jaws clears the airway and allows oxygen to flow freely again.

Orthodontist services may include teeth and jaw alignments using orthodontics appliances such as braces and palatal expanders. Mandibular advancement devices, which move the mandible forward relative to the maxilla to widen the airway to prevent closure, are commonly used in orthodontic treatments. Tongue-retaining devices are also as effective as MAD and keep the upper airway open.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Orthodontics is the field of specialization in dental health and provides proper treatment of dental abnormalities in orofacial growth. It works on enhancing aesthetics by correcting the alignment of teeth and jaws.

There is no age limit to start the orthodontic treatments. An early consultation with an orthodontist will benefit your kids' proper dental development. Adults should also visit whenever they need to.

You should see an orthodontist whenever you have questions or concerns regarding positioning your teeth or any other disease that needs orthodontics treatment.

They treat displaced teeth or other health conditions linked with teeth alignment. Plus, enhancing facial aesthetics and reducing the damage of prominent teeth.

Depending on the different treatments, there will be differing levels of discomfort, but orthodontic treatments like braces do not hurt when you put them on or remove them or in daily life. If you experience pain for too long, contact your orthodontist.

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