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Growing Up with Confidence: Pediatric Orthodontics Treatments

Top Nova Orthodontics warmly welcomes you to our specialized pediatric orthodontic services. We understand the importance of early dental treatment in forming a solid foundation for lifelong, beautiful smiles. Our focus lies on catering specifically to children, offering custom-tailored treatments for common issues such as misalignment, malocclusion, and jaw development. Comprised of a team of highly skilled and empathetic orthodontists, we are committed to delivering complete and child-friendly care that suits each young patient’s unique needs perfectly in our clinic in Sterling, VA.

Pediatric orthodontics refers to the utilization of various tools, such as braces and aligners in treating dental issues while ensuring optimal oral growth for children. The primary objective is to enhance facial aesthetics and achieve a properly aligned bite that functions well. Our approach incorporates cutting-edge technology in pediatric orthodontic care, providing young patients with an effective, efficient, and comfortable treatment experience aimed at achieving healthy smiles.

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Special Orthodontic Treatment For Children

Beyond simple braces, we also provide comprehensive pediatric orthodontic services. Growth modification, Phase I orthodontic therapy, and early interceptive orthodontics are just a few of the specialist therapies we provide. The goal of early interceptive orthodontics is to treat emerging problems before they become more serious. By using growth modification strategies, jaw development can be guided by a child’s natural growth. During the mixed dentition phase, phase I orthodontics treatment is an early intervention technique designed to address specific orthodontic issues.


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Our licensed orthodontists have transformed over 2,000 smiles – from minor to major alignments – using Invisalign.

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Pediatric Orthodontics Expertise

Creating A Healthy Experience For Kids

We recognize the importance of a positive patient encounter in achieving successful orthodontic therapy for children. Our orthodontist strives to maintain an inviting and welcoming ambiance designed specifically with young patients in mind. With our team’s extensive training, each appointment promises to be both pleasurable and hassle-free for kids. We believe that early intervention lays the foundation for healthy oral habits throughout one’s life span by promoting favorable associations towards dental care practices through pediatric treatment options in our orthodonitst clinic in Sterling, Virginia.
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All-inclusive Pediatric Orthodontics Care Methods

Top Nova Orthodontics is distinguished as a credible authority in pediatric orthodontic care due to our unwavering commitment to providing comprehensive treatment. Our team acknowledges the significant role emotional and psychological factors play in juvenile orthodontic therapy, alongside their technical proficiency. We prioritize creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for children where they can feel at ease during appointments. By employing this holistic approach, we aim to foster trust and cultivate positive attitudes toward receiving ongoing dental care – thereby ensuring favorable long-term oral health outcomes for young patients.

Benefits Of Pediatric Orthodontics

Our team is committed to making sure that every kid in our care has the best possible oral health and well-being, with an emphasis on early intervention and cutting-edge procedures.

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Frequently Asked Questions

By the age of seven, children should receive their first orthodontic evaluation, according to the American Association of Orthodontists. Potential problems can be found and addressed with the use of early intervention.

No, there are a number of treatment alternatives available based on the individual needs of the child, such as aligners and detachable appliances. For best outcomes, the orthodontic experts will advise on the best course of action.

The length of time varies according to how complicated the case is. On average, treatment may run from 12 to 24 months. Frequent examinations aid in tracking development and enabling required corrections.

Early orthodontic treatment may be advised in certain situations to treat problems with baby teeth, as these can affect the growth of permanent teeth.

Children may typically adjust to orthodontic appliances effectively, though there may be a brief period of adjustment. The orthodontic team suggests appropriate sports mouthguards and offers instructions regarding dietary restrictions.

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Give your child the gift of a self-assured, radiant smile. Make an appointment as soon as possible with one of our pediatric orthodontic professionals to ensure that your child is growing their teeth healthily. Our friendly and experienced staff is dedicated to providing your kids with a fun and stress-free experience.

At Top Nova Orthodontics in Sterling, VA, we prioritize the unique requirements of kids to make orthodontic appointments enjoyable and productive. Contact us right now to set your youngster on the path to a lifetime of joyful smiles. We’ll work together to create the foundation for your child’s secure and happy dental future.


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