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At Top Nova Orthodontics Services, you can get expert advice and skilled doctors who can provide you with the best overbite treatment and guidance. Say goodbye to the old, bucked teeth and your discomfort with us. You don’t have to wait for a healthier bite. The Top Nova Orthodontics team of expert staff is entirely devoted to providing the best guidance and support for your overbite treatment and making your journey more memorable with us.
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What is an Overbite

An overbite is called a buck tooth due to the teeth’ misalignment. It is the most common type of dental condition in orthodontic treatment areas. In this situation, an overlap between the top and the bottom teeth occurs, which causes the upper teeth to protrude out. Overbite can be of two types. It might be small or large, depending on the overlap between teeth. Orthodontists perform overbite treatments. They design overbite treatments according to the patient’s situation. It makes the teeth of patients straight and fills the gaps between teeth. The main goal of overbite treatment is to fix the overbite and align your crooked teeth in their place. This safe process allows the fulfillment of every patient’s needs.At Top Nova Orthodontics services, expert orthodontics will explain and guide every patient about overbite diagnosis, treatment, and other instructions and guidance to enhance your knowledge about the treatment plan.

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What Causes an Overbite?

An Overbite, commonly known as malocclusion, can be caused by many factors. It may be genetic, which means it travels in your family’s genes, or it may be because of other traits.
Common causes of overbite include:

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Overbite Treatment Options

Following are some overbite treatment options available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Overbite is when your teeth get crooked or overlap with your other teeth whenever you close your mouth. It's just like having a space or gap between your teeth.

Yes, overbite can cause serious problems. It makes your smile look different. Some people might not like these changes. It causes jaw pain, tooth pain, and sometimes swelling in the gums or jaws. Speech issues occur in some cases.

Yes, if an expert orthodontist does your overbite treatment. It will fix the issue caused by overbite treatment. Experts provide braces, aligners, and sometimes other options to make your teeth look straight without causing any pain.

Overbite cannot be fixed naturally. You must wear braces, straighteners, or aligners to correct the overbite. Sometimes people will prevent overbite if they are not continuing their habits of thumb sucking or nail biting etc.


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