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Enhance Your Smile with Herbst Class II Corrector at Top Nova Orthodontics

Sick of misaligned teeth and an incorrect bite? Then look no more than Top Nova Orthodontics for a service that is not only proven to work but one that can be customized to fit your needs. We apply the treatment in our office where Herbst Class II correction is meant to end overbite problems and give back that confident smile you have always wanted.

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What is the Herbst Class II Corrector?

The Class II correction of Herbst is a revolutionary orthodontic treatment that is designed to correct overbite problems. It involves a custom-made appliance that guides the lower jaw gently forward, positioning it in alignment with the upper jaw. This enhances your facial profile and overall function, besides improving your smile appearance.

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The main advantages of the Herbst appliance includes

Method Of Herbst Class II Corrector Treatments

The Herbst Class II Corrector is an effective orthodontic device designed for dealing with malocclusions caused by a Class II dental relationship, whereby the upper teeth extend too much over the lower ones. This revolutionary gadget corrects the jaw placement to ensure proper alignment and enhance functionality and beauty. Being non-removable, unlike conventional braces, the Herbst Corrector works permanently, so it does not require the patient’s cooperation regarding removing appliances. It includes metal rods connected via bands placed on upper and lower molars that reposition the lower jaw ahead to bring it in line with a more pleasant one. This treatment plan provides favorable facial symmetry and aids in maintaining healthier TMJs, thus reducing future oral health issues. When using this type of brace, patients should expect reliable outcomes that are characterized by efficiency before ending up with a beautiful smile.
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Reasons to Get Herbst Class II Orthodontist Services

Top Nova Orthodontics has many features that make it stand out among others. Firstly, this therapy focuses on class II malocclusion cases where there is protrusion of the maxillary incisors relative to the mandibular incisors. Compared with traditional braces, this product provides more comprehensive solutions to skeletal dissimilarities inherent in its design like no other comparable option available on the market today.
Herbst Appliance is indicated for:
  • Non-compliance treatment of skeletal Class II discrepancies primarily in young patients associated with efficient mandibular and maxillary growth control.
  • Patients who experience high-angle vertical growth resulting from increased sagittal condylar activity.
  • Those suffering from deep anterior overbite.
  • Patients are having mandibular midline deviation.
  • Patients who breathe through their mouth because Herbst does not interfere with breathing.
  • Patients who have anterior disc displacement.

Why Top Nova Orthodontics?

At Top Nova Orthodontics in Sterling, Virginia clinic, we are all about patient satisfaction and exceptional results. Here’s why you should trust us with your Herbst class II correction:
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Frequently Asked Questions

The Herbst Corrector is made of metal rods attached to bands cemented on the upper and lower molars. These guide the lower jaw forward, correcting the class II dental relationship.

 While this Appliance is highly effective in dealing with class II malocclusions, its suitability may vary depending on individual orthodontic needs.

The period for which an individual must wear Herbst Corrector depends on how severe their malocclusion is and how they respond to treatment.

It may take one year or more. It depends on the patient.

Avoid hard, crispy, sticky, and chewy foods like bubble gums and hard candy.

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