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Palatal Expander


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Palatal Expander Orthodontics Treatment

What is a Palatal Expander?

Palatal Expander helps widen your upper jaw and palate. It is mainly used in children as their bones are still growing, making it easier to stretch and expand without causing any damage. However, using palatal expander in adults is also fine, although it takes longer.

At Top Nova Orthodontics, we have a lot of orthodontic treatments. One of them is the Palatal Expander. It is usually used to correct a narrow palate and make more room for teeth alignment.

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Palatal Expander: Understanding the Different Types

Fixed Palatal Expanders:

The patient can’t remove these since they are cemented onto your teeth. They are usually used when someone needs more than just expanding their jaw. Sometimes, people need braces to finish this treatment process properly.

Removable Palatal Expanders:

You can remove these, but only for cleaning and eating purposes. They’re typically used when someone needs less expansion on their jaw.


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The Procedure of Palatal Expander: A Step-by-Step Guide

Initial Consultation:

The first step is always to have an appointment with an orthodontist to examine your dental health and decide if you even need this treatment.

Diagnostic Imaging:

Usually, after confirming that you need this treatment, they usually take pictures like X-rays to get detailed views of your teeth and jaw structure.

Customization of the Expander:

This is where things become weirdly cool. The orthodontist will customize a palatal expander according to whatever fits your mouth best. To do this, they might have to take impressions of your teeth and jaw.

Placement of the Expander:

This step is straightforward and will probably be finished in a short amount of time. Once the expander is ready, they’ll put it on you. It consists of two halves connected by a screw which they’ll turn every day to widen your jaw slowly.

Adjustment Appointments:

Like any treatment like this, you have to come back occasionally for adjustment appointments. This is so they can check how much progress was made and continue expanding your jaw if necessary.

Monitoring Progress:

Throughout the process, the orthodontist will monitor your progress and make changes when needed.

Removal of the Expander:

Once everything’s done, they’ll take it off. However, the patient might still need to wear a retainer to maintain expansion results and avoid bones from shifting back.

Causes of Palatal Expander Treatments

Many people are afraid of going to Orthodontist Treatment Services because of their reputation. However, they’re amazing when diagnosing dental issues and finding a solution. One reason why you might want this treatment is if you have a narrow palate or crooked teeth.

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Benefits that Come With Palatal Expansion

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on how old you are and the severity of your condition. It could range from months to a full year.

The patient might feel mild discomfort or pressure after the expander is activated, but that's about it. If there is severe pain, contact your orthodontist.

Gently scrub the expander using a soft brush and flossers to clean between teeth.

Some foods will be off-limits until you're more used to having an expander in your mouth.

Yours might, but everyone's experience differs. Speech changes such as lisping or difficulty pronouncing certain sounds are regular and should disappear once you adjust.

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