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Welcome to our cosmetic dentistry services, where our specialty is using cutting-edge orthodontic treatments to improve the looks of your smile. The goal of cosmetic orthodontics is to make teeth seem better and create a more harmonious smile overall. In addition to straightening your teeth, our skilled orthodontic staff uses science and creativity to create individualized treatments that improve the appearance of your smile. Clear braces, Invisible clear aligners, Teeth whitening, and other cutting-edge choices are examples of cosmetic dentistry treatments. A beautifully aligned grin that enhances your facial characteristics gives you more confidence, and makes a lasting impression is an aim.

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The Emergence of Cosmetic Orthodontic Treatment

Cosmetic orthodontics has undergone a revolution thanks to technological advancements, giving patients more options than ever before. Innovative alternatives such as discrete ceramic braces, clear aligners, and expedited treatment choices are readily available. These advancements not only yield efficacious outcomes but also accommodate our patients’ lifestyle preferences.

The field of cosmetic orthodontics has advanced to become more visually beautiful, effective, and accessible. For those looking to improve their appearance, shorter treatment periods, less discomfort, and more convenience all add to a satisfying overall experience. We make sure you have access to the newest and best cosmetic orthodontic treatments available by staying on the cutting edge of these breakthroughs.


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We make your smile transformation affordable, with Smile Plans as low as $995, and monthly payments as low as $97/mo.


Our licensed orthodontists have transformed over 2,000 smiles – from minor to major alignments – using Invisalign.

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The Craft of Creating a Stunning Smile in Cosmetic Orthodontics

Cosmetic orthodontics is an artistic approach to smile design, not just straightening teeth. Our experts in cosmetic orthodontics at a clinic in Sterling, VA are aware that your smile is a great way for you to show off who you are. We create a course of action plan that carefully combines scientific knowledge with creative vision to straighten teeth while also enhancing the inherent beauty of your facial features.

To design a grin that accentuates your features, we take into account elements like lip dynamics, facial symmetry, and tooth proportions. Our team of cosmetic orthodontics is committed to providing results that beyond your expectations, whether your goals are minor adjustments or a dramatic makeover. Every case is like a painting to us, and your smile is our work of art.

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Keeping Your Bright Smile Alive with Post-Cosmetic Orthodontic Treatment

After completing cosmetic orthodontic treatment, the path to a brilliant smile continues. To preserve the durability of your results, we stress the significance of post-treatment maintenance. Our team offers advice on retainers, continuous dental care regimens, and recurring examinations to guarantee that your stunning smile will endure as a permanent reminder of your financial investment in cosmetic orthodontics.

We hope to maintain your smile’s aesthetic appeal and functional integrity for many years by integrating after-treatment care into our all-encompassing approach. Our top goal is for you to be happy with your new smile, and we’re committed to ensuring you continue to feel confident and have long-lasting dental health.

Benefits Of Cosmetic Orthodontics Services In Sterling, VA

Make the first step toward your ideal smile by using cosmetic orthodontic services. These therapies provide a comprehensive approach that takes into account both the health and cosmetic elements of your smile, going beyond superficial enhancements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The intricacy of the situation determines how long treatment takes. Treatments for cosmetic orthodontics might take anywhere from six months to two years on average.

Yes, using clear aligners to improve your appearance can be quite successful. Because of their aesthetic appeal, they offer a discrete alternative for straightening teeth and are frequently chosen.

Even though there can be a brief adjustment phase, most patients get used to orthodontic appliances quickly, and any speech impairment is just momentary.

Yes, one of the main objectives of cosmetic orthodontic treatments is to close gaps between teeth. The course of treatment will be customized to fill in the spaces and provide a more even grin.

Teens and adults can benefit from cosmetic orthodontic procedures. The age of the patient and their particular orthodontic needs may influence the course of therapy.

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At Top Nova Orthodontics, we recognize the value of a self-assured and attractive smile. Our staff is committed to giving outstanding treatment and producing beautiful smiles that last a lifetime.


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