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Your Smile, Our Passion: Crafting Confidence Through Adult Orthodontics

Thank you for visiting our adult orthodontics services page. We specialize in using high-quality orthodontics treatment to improve smiles and increase self-confidence. In adult orthodontics, those older than adolescents with misaligned teeth and jaws are treated. Our team of orthodontic experts is committed to offering customized solutions that are specific to your needs. Top Nova Orthodontics in Sterling uses a range of cutting-edge procedures, including traditional braces, transparent aligners, and other advanced technologies. To get the best outcomes, we customize our strategy based on each patient’s unique needs.

Our Method for Adult Orthodontic Procedures

Adult orthodontics is approached from a patient-centric perspective at Top Nova Orthodontics. Our skilled professional orthodontists are aware of the particular worries and factors that adult patients have. We start with a thorough consultation in which we evaluate your oral health, talk about your objectives, and create a treatment plan that works for you.

Our dedication to cutting-edge technology guarantees the most comfortable and effective orthodontic experience. To get the best results, our staff uses cutting-edge technology and evidence-based procedures, whether you choose transparent aligners or traditional braces.

Transparent communication is very important to us, and we keep you informed at every stage. Our team is here to address any questions or concerns you may have so that you feel supported and at ease during your treatment.

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The Quickest Way to Your Best Smile


Convenient mobile check-ins by phone or in person, if needed. Come to a Smile Clinic, or join virtually.


We make your smile transformation affordable, with Smile Plans as low as $995, and monthly payments as low as $97/mo.


Our licensed orthodontists have transformed over 2,000 smiles – from minor to major alignments – using Invisalign.

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Versatile Financing Options and Accessibility

Everyone ought to have a gorgeous, healthy grin, in our opinion. To ensure that everyone can afford adult orthodontic treatment, our office provides numerous payment alternatives. We will go over the expense of treatment and give you clear information about potential installment plans, medical insurance, and other financing alternatives during your initial appointment.

Financial obstacles should no longer stand in the way of orthodontic treatment being a sensible decision for your ongoing oral health. We collaborate closely with you to identify a cost-effective option so you can start your smile makeover journey stress-free.

The Scientific Background of Adult Orthodontics

Making informed decisions about your dental health requires an understanding of the science behind adult orthodontics. Our orthodontics services are founded on evidence-based practices and the most recent advancements in orthodontic science. We create precise treatment plans that are tailored to each patient’s unique dental problems and anatomy using cutting-edge technology.

Orthodontics for adults addresses underlying problems with bite function, jaw alignment, and general oral health in addition to simple tooth movement. To thoroughly assess your oral health, our orthodontists use innovative diagnostic technology in conjunction with their years of experience. By using a scientific method, we can guarantee that our treatments will improve the stability and long-term health of your complete oral structure in addition to improving the appearance of your smile.

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Basis for Selecting Adult Orthodontic Services

Making investments in adult orthodontic services is a great way to enhance your entire dental health and well-being in addition to getting a gorgeous smile. These are strong arguments in favor of thinking about adult orthodontics:

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, orthodontic treatment may usually be accommodated with pre-existing dental work. After evaluating your unique case, our orthodontic staff will create a treatment plan that takes into account any previous dental work you may have had done.

No, adult orthodontic procedures have no upper age restriction. You can benefit from orthodontic care at any age as long as your gums and teeth are in good shape and there are no medical contraindications.

Yes, misalignments that lead to headaches or jaw pain can be corrected with orthodontic treatment. Our goal is to reduce the discomfort brought on by these problems by realigning your jaw and teeth.

Although there are certain food restrictions, especially for patients wearing traditional braces, most people are able to continue eating a regular diet. Throughout treatment, you will receive comprehensive instructions to assist you in making dietary decisions and preserving the condition of your teeth.

The type of treatment determines how frequently sessions are needed. In general, clear aligners may need more regular check-ins, whereas traditional braces may need modifications every 4-6 weeks. A comprehensive timetable tailored to your individual treatment plan will be supplied by our staff.

Transforming Smiles, Transforming Lives

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