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Dental Implant Setup Orthodontist Treatments

Get a Perfect Smile with dental implant setup treatment

Welcome to Top Nova Orthodontics! We know how important a smile full of confidence is, so we offer a range of orthodontist services like dental implant setup. We have a team of fully committed professionals who provide you with outstanding care and achieve the best possible outcomes.

Dental implant setup refers to a procedure that involves replacing lost teeth with artificial ones. This treatment option works well for people who have experienced tooth loss from accidents, decay, or other causes.

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Our technique for the dental implant setup

The following is an outline of the dental implant setup process:

Initial Consultation: During this phase, the dentist reviews the patient’s complete medical and dental history to examine the mouth thoroughly. During this consultation, the jawbone’s condition may be assessed through X-rays, CT scans, or other imaging tests to determine whether it would be appropriate to fit in dental implants.

Treatment Planning: Our team created a specialized treatment plan using findings from the examination and imaging studies. This could involve determining the required implants, their sizes and positions, and any necessary preparatory procedures.

Implant Placement: The oral surgeon/dentist surgically inserts titanium posts into jawbones in this step. Usually done under local anesthesia, sedation can also be used in anxious patients. The implants act as anchors that stabilize artificial tooth replacements within them.

Healing Period: After placing the implants, there will be a healing period called osseointegration that should occur whereby they bond naturally with bone tissues, creating a solid connection between them, roughly lasting between three & six months, depending on individual circumstances.

Abutment Placement : After osseointegration (which usually takes about 3-6 months), abutments can be added onto these fixtures through which we will fix crowns or bridges.

Final Restoration: The final stage of dental implant setup is inserting artificial teeth, also known as dental crowns or bridges. These are custom-made to resemble natural teeth in shape, size, and color, thus providing an unbroken, unnoticeable smile.


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Dental Implant Setup symptoms:

A dental implant setup is a practical, standard, and effective method for replacing lost teeth. Nevertheless, like all surgical procedures, they can have potential complications or side effects. The following signs may indicate a problem with a dental implant:

Why Dental Implants Setup?

Here are some reasons why you should consider dental implants:

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Frequently Asked Questions

  They consist of titanium or alloy roots surgically placed into jaws as artificial substitutes for naturally lost ones.

  The whole process of getting a dental implant is estimated to last several months.

 Most patients feel numbness during the operation session, while others may develop some tenderness later.

Dental implant treatment options can last a lifetime with reasonable care and maintenance. These include regular dental check-ups, good oral hygiene practices, and avoiding habits such as smoking.

They foster an improved look over traditional dentures, enhanced chewing and speaking abilities, and increased comfort and stability.

Reclaim your Smile with Dental Implant Setup Orthodontics Treatment

Are you tired of not smiling because you lack teeth? At Top Nova Orthodontics, we know how much missing teeth affect your self-confidence and lifestyle. We offer implant services to help you regain permanent smiles, boosting your confidence levels.

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