We know how important it is to have properly aligned teeth even for the kids.

Among many other treatments, the palatal expander for children is one of the effective ways to deal with dental crowding.

What is a palatal expander?

A palatal expander is a technique utilized by orthodontists to broaden the upper jaw of a youngster’s mouth. This extending of the upper jaw can assist with guaranteeing that there is sufficient room in the child’s mouth when their permanent teeth come in. It makes more space in a kid’s mouth by expanding the upper jaw. Even though this may sound alarming, it’s actually effortless, the procedure is pain-free. That is because the upper jaw expands as two separate parts that don’t totally meld until adolescence. Before that occurs, the two bones can delicately be isolated and balanced out within a few months.

When does your child need Palatal Expanders?

These are some of the reasons which might lead you to take your child to an orthodontist and get Palatal Expander for your child.

1. Crowding of teeth:

Even when the child has no teeth or hasn’t got all the teeth grown, the orthodontist can tell when there won’t be sufficient space for all the teeth. This is known as crowding of the teeth. If your kid’s teeth are overlapped, then they may need Palatal Expander. Palatal expander may prohibit the need for tooth extraction; the expansion of the upper jaw can make the vital space for the teeth to accommodate.

2. Crossbite:

If the upper jaw of your kid is too narrow, and it does not fit appropriately with the lower jaw, then this case is called crossbite. The teeth in crossbite are not in proper alignment. Crossbite is also referred to as malocclusion in the medical term. With crossbites, it gets difficult to close your mouth properly. Also, malocclusion can cause difficulty in speaking and eating. This improper growth of the teeth can affect the whole structure of your child’s face. Your child’s teeth can be properly aligned with the Palatal Expanders for children.

3. Impacted teeth:

An impacted tooth is a condition in which the tooth cannot erupt properly as other teeth block it. This can cause tremendous pain and can damage other teeth too. Also, leaving the impacted tooth untreated can make it susceptible to any tooth disease or damage. Another damage which can occur because of an untreated, impacted tooth is that it grows in the wrong direction, which can cause more pain and damage. This usually happens to your canine or eyetooth. You must get the expansion done for your child’s impacted tooth to prevent any damage or disease. Expanding the jaw can make room for the tooth to grow in proper direction and alignment.

Benefits of Palatal Expanders:

1. Relieve Airway Obstruction:

If your child snores too much, encounter heavy breathing, or teeth grinding, then it might be possible it is because of the airway obstruction. With a Palatal expander, the widening of the jaw can make it easier for your child to breathe properly. It lets the child breathe through their nose as it widens the nasal airway. It also created more space for the tongue to fit in as oppose to smaller mouth that pushes the tongue back to the airway and blocks the path of air.

2. Achieve perfect wide smile:

Many children lose self-confidence if they find anything inappropriate in their facial structure. When your child has perfectly aligned teeth and an amazing wide smile, it will give them a confidence boost.

3. Make room for teeth to grow:

When the jaw is expanded, it gives space to the teeth to grow in proper alignment. Who does not want to have a set of teeth which are in a straight, perfect position? Thus, by expanding the jaw, your child can achieve the appropriate growth of teeth.

How Palatal expanders feel?

At the start of the treatment, your child might feel some tightness, which can be a little bit uncomfortable. But as with the passage of time, this soreness will fade, and the treatment will show its effects. Taking care of the appliance is quite easy as it is cemented in the mouth. But proper care is a must as food particles might get stuck in it. Cleaning the appliance properly with a toothbrush and Waterpik several times a day is essential.

Being proactive is recommended when it comes to the oral hygiene of your child. The results of this treatment might surprise you. If your child is encountering any of the mentioned oral issues, you should consider Top Nova Orthodontics. Also, if you need to know more about our Palatal Expanders for children, you can get an appointment and visit Dr. Abbasi at Top Nova Orthodontics.