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To have receding gums is something really difficult to put up with. It loosens the gum away from the tooth, exposes a part of the tooth dentin underneath, and may result in an eventual tooth loss. Although the tooth loss is the worst, what could have happened before they are too difficult to put up with. It could include bad breath, feeling intense pain around the gum line, swollen gums that are red, undesired bleeding while brushing, visibly shrinking gums, roots of tooth gets exposed, and more.

Of recent, receding gums have become something a little common and people have always been up to finding an answer to the question –can receding gums grow back? Truly, gums don’t grow back, but there are a number of things dentists can do to ensure that the situation does not get worse. If you leave it to get worse, it will only be a matter of time before you find yourself literally toothless. Now that’s not funny!


There are many factors that have been attributed to causing receding gums over the years, but some have been found to be the common cause. They include:

  • Harsh brushing: You don’t have to go hard on your teeth before it gets clean. Doing it aggressively may bruise your gum and lead to several other problems. What matters is that you take time brushing with a soft brush and do not miss any spots.
  • Lack of Oral care: If you care for your oral cavity as much as you care about your skin and how you look. There is a tendency you will have your teeth in a good condition. But if you neglect it, you may find some defects in no time.
  • Genetics: Inheritance has played its role on some. You can inherit this defect from parents, and this is one of the little cases you are not the real cause of your problem.
  • Bruxism: People who suffer from teeth grinding need to pay attention to it and meet with a dentist as soon as possible. It can lead to a lot of damages to teeth and gums as well as jaw joints.
  • Injury: An intense injury to the gum may make it recede.
  • Bad bite: Yes, a bad Bite may cause gum recession for two reasons. 1. A bad bite will cause trauma to some teeth that are under excessive bite pressure. 2. Crowded teeth are very difficult to brush and floss in between, which will cause gum disease and gum recession.

It is recommended to consult with an orthodontist to evaluate your bite as well as crowding and any risk for trauma to your teeth and gums. At Top Nova Orthodontics we offer free orthodontic consultation.

Most dentists have a ready solution which is a use of mouthwash for various tooth problems. However, for the issue of receding gums, your mouth wash can both worsen the situation, or make it better. Don’t get confused. You don’t just jump into using any mouth wash. You have to learn when to use mouth wash, and how to use mouth wash.

For example, some mouthwashes have really strong chemicals like alcohol and sodium lauryl sulfate and they can end up decreasing the amount of saliva in your mouth. Your saliva really does a lot then you can think. It often does a random check on the colonies. If you don’t have enough saliva in your mouth you run the risk of having microbes that cause gum diseases colonizing your mouth, and that may result in receding gum lines. So what are you to go for? It is best to go for mouthwashes that are organic or completely natural. With that, you run no risk.

How about those whose tooth is already completely damaged? Well, you don’t have to live your whole life with the shame, there are ways of getting dentures that will replace the space. Dentures are removable replacements for missing teeth. You can replace a complete set of missing teeth with a complete denture, but when there are some natural teeth remaining, the dentist is definitely going to use a partial denture.

There is an alternative to getting dentures and that is a dental implant. With dental implants, you can support cemented bridges, and with that, you don’t need any denture. The advantage of dental implants over dentures is that implants feel almost as real as your teeth.


As said before, what is really difficult is the choice of the right mouth wash. Ensure you pick one that does not have harsh chemicals but natural and organic. They will help a lot. Apart from the fact they fight bacteria and prevent your teeth from further problems, some make your teeth whiter and stronger. If you have made the right choice of mouthwash, there is no risk involved at all in using it. You should use it daily before or after brushing. You can increase the usage if your dentist gives you that instruction.

The following is the step by step way to effectively use mouthwash. Note that it can change if there is a special instruction, so, make sure to check what is written on it:

  • Pour the mouthwash into a small cup. A measurement cup is most likely to come with your mouthwash. Ensure you follow the measurement instruction.
  • Pour the mouth wash in your mouth and sustain it there.
  • Swish it, and ensure your lips are tight so it will not squirt out. Make sure you do not swallow it as that is very harmful. This should take about 30 seconds.
  • Spit it out

You should ask your dentist for exact information on any given product.

Receding gums may have no real cure, but definitely, there are different things your dentist can do to ensure the situation does not get worse now.

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