People who suffer from a misalignment of teeth, usually go for different braces, as braces are the most convenient way to give your teeth an appropriate alignment. There are various options available for you when it comes to opting for the braces. You can go for conventional metal braces, or ceramic braces, or even the newest Invisalign. Also, you can choose braces if there are gaps between your teeth. But in some cases, there are too many teeth crowding, and it is almost impossible for your teeth to fit in properly. The solution to this crowding is Jaw expansion treatment.

What are Upper Jaw Expanders?

Upper jaw extension is a type of orthodontic treatment that is utilized in specific cases. By extending the palate’s circumference, there is an increment made in the circumference of the upper dental arch to create more space for teeth development. Removing a tooth as a part of orthodontic treatment is one form of a solution, yet an upper or lower jaw expander can make more room for your teeth.

Why you need Upper Jaw Expanders?

Upper jaw expanders help in treating these Dental issues


The crossbite is the bite problem (malocclusion) in which the upper teeth and lower teeth do not come together or bite in proper arrangement. Crossbites occur due to incorrect jaw or teeth positioning or both. The crossbite that occurs in the front teeth is called underbite or anterior crossbite whereas, the crossbite in the back teeth is named as a posterior crossbite. The crossbite results in asymmetrical teeth growth, which can cause facial asymmetry. Thus, the crossbite need to be dealt at the correct time; this upper jaw or lower jaw expanders can help treat severe cases of crossbites in children as well as adults.


When your jaw does not have enough space for your teeth, and they do not grow in proper alignment, it is said to be overcrowding of teeth. In overcrowding, your teeth might bunch up, twisted, pushed towards the back or front. Overcrowding can be a hurdle for you while brushing or flossing your teeth. Thus, when your teeth are not appropriately cleaned, it might result in the cavity, plaque and other oral hygiene issues. Jaw expansion treatment can help to address overcrowding of your teeth with high effectiveness. With jaw expansion, your orthodontist will make space for your teeth to erupt in the correct position.

Breathing issues

When you have a deep or narrow upper jaw, it makes it quite difficult for you to breathe through the nose. This might lead you to constant mouth breathing, which causes an unhealthy inhalation of polluted air, halitosis, and dry mouth. To address the deep upper jaw, which causes breathing issues, you can opt for upper jaw expansion, as it is one of the most reliable solutions.

How do These Expanders Work?

An expander is uniquely made for individuals to fit over a few top teeth in the rear of the mouth. The apparatus has two parts that are associated in the centre with a screw. To activate this device, you just turn the screw a small amount every day with a unique key. This prompts pressure at the intersection of the two palatal bones, making them gradually move apart. When the ideal position of teeth is accomplished, your orthodontist will leave the device for a couple of more months to allow new bones to grow accordingly in the gap and let the expansion to be stable. Usually, expanders are worn for 3-6 months.

What Problems Can you Face Wearing These Expanders?

The two most basic issues that can emerge while having the upper or lower jaw expander is that food can get caught between the expander and the top of the mouth can make it difficult to make the complete turn. When the expander is placed, your orthodontist will tell you the best way to clean around it. However, if the food gets stuck, you can rinse or swish with water, or take a cotton swab and delicately wipe your mouth’s palate.

The other issue that can emerge is that it might be challenging to make a complete turn of the key. In some cases, you think you made the full turn and afterwards remove the key. It seems up as though the turn was completed effectively, however when you go to make another turn; the key won’t go into the new opening.

What to Expect?

When you get the upper jaw expanders placed, you might feel a bit of soreness or pressure for a few minutes when the key is turned. However, this soreness will be gone on its own. Choosing expanders over braces can be beneficial for you in terms of comfort. Eventually, when your jaw expansion is done, your teeth will be appropriately aligned with accurate spacing.