Everything you Need to Know About the Upper Jaw Expanders

People who suffer from a misalignment of teeth, usually go for different braces, as braces are the most convenient way to give your teeth an appropriate alignment. There are various options available for you when it comes to opting for the braces. You can go for conventional metal braces, or ceramic braces, or even the newest Invisalign. Also, you can choose braces if there are gaps between your teeth. But in some cases, there are too many teeth crowding, and it is almost impossible for your teeth to fit in properly. The solution to this crowding is Jaw expansion treatment.

What are Upper Jaw Expanders?

Upper jaw extension is a type of orthodontic treatment that is utilized in specific cases. By extending the palate’s circumference, there is an increment made in the circumference of the upper dental arch to create more space for teeth development. Removing a tooth as a part of orthodontic treatment is one form of a solution, yet an upper or lower jaw expander can make more room for your teeth.

Why you need Upper Jaw Expanders?

Upper jaw expanders help in treating these Dental issues


The crossbite is the bite problem (malocclusion) in which the upper teeth and lower teeth do not come together or bite in proper arrangement. Crossbites occur due to incorrect jaw or teeth positioning or both. The crossbite that occurs in the front teeth is called underbite or anterior crossbite whereas, the crossbite in the back teeth is named as a posterior crossbite. The crossbite results in asymmetrical teeth growth, which can cause facial asymmetry. Thus, the crossbite need to be dealt at the correct time; this upper jaw or lower jaw expanders can help treat severe cases of crossbites in children as well as adults.


When your jaw does not have enough space for your teeth, and they do not grow in proper alignment, it is said to be overcrowding of teeth. In overcrowding, your teeth might bunch up, twisted, pushed towards the back or front. Overcrowding can be a hurdle for you while brushing or flossing your teeth. Thus, when your teeth are not appropriately cleaned, it might result in the cavity, plaque and other oral hygiene issues. Jaw expansion treatment can help to address overcrowding of your teeth with high effectiveness. With jaw expansion, your orthodontist will make space for your teeth to erupt in the correct position.

Breathing issues

When you have a deep or narrow upper jaw, it makes it quite difficult for you to breathe through the nose. This might lead you to constant mouth breathing, which causes an unhealthy inhalation of polluted air, halitosis, and dry mouth. To address the deep upper jaw, which causes breathing issues, you can opt for upper jaw expansion, as it is one of the most reliable solutions.

How do These Expanders Work?

An expander is uniquely made for individuals to fit over a few top teeth in the rear of the mouth. The apparatus has two parts that are associated in the centre with a screw. To activate this device, you just turn the screw a small amount every day with a unique key. This prompts pressure at the intersection of the two palatal bones, making them gradually move apart. When the ideal position of teeth is accomplished, your orthodontist will leave the device for a couple of more months to allow new bones to grow accordingly in the gap and let the expansion to be stable. Usually, expanders are worn for 3-6 months.

What Problems Can you Face Wearing These Expanders?

The two most basic issues that can emerge while having the upper or lower jaw expander is that food can get caught between the expander and the top of the mouth can make it difficult to make the complete turn. When the expander is placed, your orthodontist will tell you the best way to clean around it. However, if the food gets stuck, you can rinse or swish with water, or take a cotton swab and delicately wipe your mouth’s palate.

The other issue that can emerge is that it might be challenging to make a complete turn of the key. In some cases, you think you made the full turn and afterwards remove the key. It seems up as though the turn was completed effectively, however when you go to make another turn; the key won’t go into the new opening.

What to Expect?

When you get the upper jaw expanders placed, you might feel a bit of soreness or pressure for a few minutes when the key is turned. However, this soreness will be gone on its own. Choosing expanders over braces can be beneficial for you in terms of comfort. Eventually, when your jaw expansion is done, your teeth will be appropriately aligned with accurate spacing.

Oral Hygiene Tips For Whiter Teeth

Your teeth do not only help you in eating and chewing, but they also represent your appearance.  Zoom Whitening treatments are available at  Top Nova orthodontics .

But they do not brighten teeth permanently. Every time you eat or drink  you may see the whiteness begin to fade in as little as one month after treatment. The individuals who stay away from food and drinks that stain might almost certainly hold up one year or longer before another whitening treatment or cleanup is required.

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Here are some secrets for keeping your great whites healthy.

  • Stay away from the utilization of items that stain your teeth, for example, coffee, tea, and red wine. If you eat food that leaves a stain, consider utilizing a straw with the goal that the fluid does not go through your front teeth.
  • Brush or wash your teeth immediately after consuming stain-causing drinks or food particles.
  • Dr. Azita Abbasi, Orthodontist inn Sterling, VA encourages her patients to pursue great oral hygiene practice. Brush your teeth regularly twice a day, floss at any rate once every day to expel plaque, and rinse with a sterile mouthwash at any rate once per day to eliminate bacteria that causes plaque. Utilize a whitening toothpaste (more than once per week) to expel enamel stains and cleans yellowing. Utilize a conventional toothpaste most of the time.
  • Considering orthodontics treatment, Depending upon the whitening strategy utilized, you may need cleaning at regular intervals for a year or two.
  • Utilize a tongue scrubber each morning to evacuate tongue plaque and renew your breath. One primary reason for bad breath is the development of bacteria on the tongue, which a regular tongue scrapping will help expel. Additionally, utilizing a tongue scrubber is more effective than brushing your tongue with a toothbrush.
  • Chewing on hard things can prompt breaking the tooth. The crack can be small to such an extent that it isn’t noticeable. All that you eat and drink starting here can get to the inside pieces of the tooth. Inevitably, the wall of the tooth will decay from the back to the front. You may wind up with a tooth that is a complete loss and should be pulled out.
  • Tooth inflammation and sensitivity can be a sign that you have a cavity. Schedule a meeting with your orthodontist when the pain strikes your teeth in the very first place. There may be any treatment like sterling orthodontics or Top Nova orthodontics treatment, to fix the issue and relieve the inflammation or uneasiness.
  • Pick a medium coral or light red lipstick. These hues make your teeth look whiter, though lighter-hued lipsticks will, in general, enhance the yellow in teeth.
  • Brush your teeth with baking soda once a week. This will expel stains and brighten your teeth. Use it similarly as you would toothpaste. Do not forget to spit it out.

Excellent oral hygiene and regular visits to orthodontists are the most valuable techniques you have in maintaining white and bright teeth. Make an appointment today with dental specialists for sterling orthodontics and Top Nova orthodontics treatment and keep your grin bright and white.

Why is My Mouth Dry?

SALIVA IS ESSENTIAL not only for our oral health but for our overall comfort. We all experience a dry mouth every once in a while and know how bothersome it can be. But what does it mean? And what should we do if it persists? Should you go for Top Nova orthodontics treatment?

Saliva Has an Important Role in Our Oral Health

Our bodies are constantly producing saliva to provide our mouths with moisture–we generate two to four pints of saliva a day! Saliva aids in digestion and allows us to taste and process food. It also protects our mouths by washing away food debris and strengthening our teeth against cavities!

Dry Mouth Can Be Caused by A Number of Things

Dry mouth occurs when salivary glands are not working properly resulting in an inadequate flow of saliva. It can leave us feeling thirsty and hoarse and our mouths sticky and uncomfortable. We may have problems speaking or trouble tasting and swallowing. It also causes bad breath. Needless to say, not having enough saliva is no fun!

Our mouths may get dry occasionally due to nervousness or stress. More serious and persistent cases of dry mouth, however, are the result of a number of other things which needs Top Nova orthodontics treatment, such as:

  • Certain medications like antihistamines, painkillers, decongestants, diuretics, among others.
  • Lifestyle choices such as smoking or chewing tobacco.
  • Illnesses including Sjögren’s syndrome, HIV/AIDS, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and diabetes, to name a few.
  • Medical treatments can damage salivary glands, such as radiation and chemotherapy.
  • Dehydration and conditions that cause dehydration such as fever, excessive sweating, diarrhea, vomiting, blood loss, and burns.

Orthodontic Treatment Can Cause Dry Mouth

Even orthodontic treatment can cause your mouth to feel dry, especially after an adjustment. The reason for this is that braces can cause irritation to your gums and the sides of your mouth. This irritation can sometimes cause dryness. Throughout your orthodontic treatment and especially after adjustments, make sure you’re drinking enough water.

Talk to Us About Dry Mouth

More than just discomfort, having a dry mouth raises your risk of tooth decay, gum disease, and infection and should, therefore, be taken care of as soon as possible. Depending on the cause of your dry mouth, we can help determine the best course of treatment. In the meantime, try some at-home remedies such as chewing on sugarless gum or sucking on sugar-free candy. And as always, drink plenty of water or else you might need Top Nova orthodontics


We’re committed to you–our amazing patients!

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Things To Consider When Opting For Kid’s Orthodontists

Eating chocolates and sweets are the kids’ favorite pleasure. Some kids have a habit of chewing and biting on things. Some kids avoid taking oral health care; they run from brushing teeth. This results in making parents cautious concerning their child’s dental health.

Visiting the right sterling orthodontics specialist is the best thing to do. Unfortunately, many orthodontists can worsen your kid’s problem. To avoid this problem, below are some things you should consider while opting orthodontists for kids:

Floss once a day:

Help your child floss each night. Floss helps to lose fibroids and plaques under the gum line. Swish water before brushing: Instruct your child to rinse with water after having a meal then go for brushing.

Treatment with consultation:

A Most typical mistake that parents do is going for treatment without any discussion. It is necessary first to consult a specialist before any treatment. If this thing is neglected, it may affect your child’s oral health in the long run. So, schedule a consultation first, then decide which clinic to visit for treatment.

Visit various clinics:

It is best to visit a few clinics before deciding finally which clinic you should visit. Parents mostly choose the very first clinic they visit. Such as before going for a Sterling orthodontics treatment try to visit a couple of clinics like Orthodontist Sterling VA, which provide free consultation which will help you know more about the dental problem of your child and will guide you the best and most effective treatment.


To truly enjoy the benefits of an orthodontist, make sure to follow through all the treatments with proper hygiene. Instruct your child to follow all the rules to take care of their teeth and gums, and they will cherish the rewards of a great smile for life.

Ask about the dental procedure: Another common mistake that parents do is not asking about the dental procedure. In some cases, dental treatment can cause trauma. So, the parents should know all the processes to prevent their kids from any mishap. Some dental procedures like sterling orthodontics are completed within a couple of weeks. Hence, parents need to know the dental procedure before treatment.

Never neglect the cost: Dental treatments are way more expensive when they are for kids. Thus, it is essential for parents to know the pricing to determine whether the value is reasonable for them or not.

Early treatment:

Early interventions have the benefits that the kid’s jaw is still growing. Initial treatments help when the jaws and dental arches are not correctly positioned. Functioning appliances such as Sterling orthodontics can fix or improve the problem.

Technology has made this orthodontics treatment more comfortable and attractive. By knowing the above points, parents can overcome their kid’s oral problem and help their child have better teeth and gums. If you are looking for orthodontist Sterling VA, you may have many options to choose from. Just opt for the right one, considering the points mentioned above.

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Know Your Orthodontic Hardware

SOMETIMES, HAVING BRACES can make things feel a bit crowded in your mouth, but every piece of sterling orthodontic hardware serves an important purpose in getting you the straight, healthy smile you deserve! Let’s take a look at some of the most common ones.

The Main Attraction: Braces

Before adding any additional appliances, braces themselves have a few different components. There are the brackets cemented to your teeth, the archwire that goes across all the brackets to move your teeth into alignment, and the ligatures or elastics that hold the wires in place (those are the ones you get to color-customize). Some brackets will have hooks that rubber bands can attach to. Metal bands around the molars and buccal tubes attached to the molar brackets act as anchors for the archwires.

After braces come retainers, which can be either metal or plastic and may even be permanently attached to the teeth. Retainers keep your teeth in place so that your periodontal ligaments don’t pull them back to their original positions.

Common Accessories Customize Your Treatment

Sometimes, we need one or two other appliances in addition to the braces themselves in order to have the correct bite and palate shape as well as straight teeth, and sometimes we need these appliances to get our teeth ready for braces in the first place.

In order to put braces on, you might need spacers between your back teeth for a while. Spacers are small elastic rings that move your molars apart just enough to fit bands onto them to anchor your braces. This process can take from 3-10 days.

Palatal Expanders correct narrow palates by bracing against the teeth and the roof of the mouth and exerting gradual pressure outwards to encourage the palate to widen to the proper shape. These are important appliances for correcting crossbites and crowding just like Sterling orthodontics. Palatal expanders often go in before braces to make room for the teeth to go where they’re supposed to go.

holding arch may be used when a child loses baby teeth too early. It holds the permanent front teeth and molars in place so they don’t shift and crowd the teeth that haven’t had a chance to grow in yet. A holding arch for the upper jaw is sometimes called the “Nance button,” and lower jaw holding arches are called “lower lingual holding arches.”

Bite plates are acrylic, retainer-like appliances that correct “deep” bites. A deep bite occurs when the upper teeth overlap the lower teeth so much that the lower incisors touch the gum tissue behind the upper incisors, leading to many complications. A bite plate creates a barrier between the lower incisors and the upper gum tissue and helps shift the teeth to decrease the overlap.

Let’s Get Those Teeth Moving!

Knowing the function of each part of your sterling orthodontic appliance is an important component of effective treatment. The more you understand how everything works, the smoother things will go and the better your final result will be. So if you have any questions about how your braces work and what the different parts are for, don’t hesitate to ask Nova orthodontics!

You’re on your way to the smile of your dreams!

Nail Eating

How Everyday Habits Affect Your Teeth

TOOTH ENAMEL HAS the pretty cool reputation of being the hardest substance in the human body. So it may come as a surprise to know that while enamel is super tough, it can also break quite easily! The truth is that our teeth are not invincible, and a lot of every day habits can put our oral health at risk.


Watch Out For These Tooth-Damaging Habits
Many of these habits seem harmless, but over time they can do a lot of damage to that beautiful smile of yours!

Nail Biting
We may refer to closely-matched sports games as “nail-biters,” but that doesn’t mean we should actually be biting our nails! Nail biting can cause teeth to chip or break as well as lead to enamel damage. The front teeth are often the first to suffer wear and tear from nail-biting.
Due to the increased pressure on teeth during orthodontics treatment, biting your nails with braces can put you at greater risk for tooth resorption (a shortening of the tooth roots) or tooth loss. For the sake of teeth everywhere, let’s keep the term “nail-biter” as a manner of expression rather than a label for ourselves!

Using Your Teeth As A Tool
That darn packet of ketchup just won’t open! While your teeth may seem to be the perfect solution, using them as a tool will cause more harm than good. As strong as your teeth may be, they are not meant to be used as pliers or any other sort of tool. Doing so can lead to fractured or broken teeth and even tooth loss. As a side note, tooth damage puts you at greater risk of decay and cavities!

Gnawing On Pens And Pencils
You may be solving a difficult problem or simply thinking. Before you know it, the end of your pen or pencil is in your mouth. This oftentimes unconscious habit is an important one to be aware of. We don’t realize how much pressure we’re placing on our teeth when we bite down on something that isn’t food.
Chewing on your pen or pencil puts you at risk for broken teeth and even damage to existing dental work such as sterling orthodontic, etc. Constant chewing on hard objects can compromise dental restorations such as fillings or crowns. When it comes to this bad habit, we say stay away!

Chewing Ice
Are you an ice chewer? Chewing on ice is another huge culprit behind chipped, cracked and fractured teeth. The cold can weaken teeth even further, leaving them more susceptible to breakage. Chewing ice cubes doesn’t just chip teeth, it chips away tooth enamel as well, causing serious damage over time. Even your blender needs special blades to crush ice! So next time you’re tempted, just remember your teeth aren’t equipped to crush ice cubes or else you’ll be needing sterling orthodontics.

Do Your Chompers a Favor
Your teeth are made to chew food and nothing more. If you’ve got one of these bad habits, do your chompers a favor and work on quitting. If you have successfully broken one of these habits, tell Top Nova Orthodontics how in the comments below!

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