Causes of Tooth Discoloration and Its Prevention

The oral cavity plays significant jobs in the insurance and protection of overall wellbeing; it is associated with communication, food intake, and defense. Teeth are associated with all three jobs, and dental sicknesses can be a starting point of various issues, including oral infections causing difficulty and trouble for biting, eating, and speaking. Many people Read More

Things to Consider for Your First Orthodontic Consultation

Visiting your orthodontist for the first time can be a bit overwhelming; you might feel nervous or confused about how your appointment will go. Most of the people acquire orthodontics treatment to achieve a perfect smile, while others visit the orthodontist to maintain their oral hygiene. If you haven’t visited the orthodontist yet and planning Read More

Oral Hygiene Tips For Whiter Teeth

Your teeth do not only help you in eating and chewing, but they also represent your appearance.  Zoom Whitening treatments are available at  Top Nova orthodontics . But they do not brighten teeth permanently. Every time you eat or drink  you may see the whiteness begin to fade in as little as one month after Read More

Why is My Mouth Dry?

SALIVA IS ESSENTIAL not only for our oral health but for our overall comfort. We all experience a dry mouth every once in a while and know how bothersome it can be. But what does it mean? And what should we do if it persists? Should you go for Top Nova orthodontics treatment? Saliva Has an Read More

Things To Consider When Opting For Kid’s Orthodontists

Eating chocolates and sweets are the kids’ favorite pleasure. Some kids have a habit of chewing and biting on things. Some kids avoid taking oral health care; they run from brushing teeth. This results in making parents cautious concerning their child’s dental health. Visiting the right sterling orthodontics specialist is the best thing to do. Read More

Know Your Orthodontic Hardware

SOMETIMES, HAVING BRACES can make things feel a bit crowded in your mouth, but every piece of sterling orthodontic hardware serves an important purpose in getting you the straight, healthy smile you deserve! Let’s take a look at some of the most common ones. The Main Attraction: Braces Before adding any additional appliances, braces themselves have Read More

How Everyday Habits Affect Your Teeth

TOOTH ENAMEL HAS the pretty cool reputation of being the hardest substance in the human body. So it may come as a surprise to know that while enamel is super tough, it can also break quite easily! The truth is that our teeth are not invincible, and a lot of every day habits can put Read More

Getting Wise About Wisdom Teeth

WISDOM TEETH REMOVAL is a major rite of passage for many in their late teens and early twenties, that needs amazing and sterling orthodontics attention. They post images of their swollen cheeks on social media, share videos of themselves acting loopy from the anesthetics on YouTube, and enjoy an excuse to drink as many smoothies as Read More

Fighting Back Against Oral Cancer

We’d all prefer not to have to think about, but it’s critical to have a basic understanding of risk factors and symptoms. More than 50,000 people in the U.S. were diagnosed with oral cancer last year, and that number is expected to rise. That’s why, in honor of Oral Cancer Awareness Month, we’re dedicating a blog Read More

Your Orthodontic Appliances

WHAT’S THE FIRST THING you think of when you hear the word orthodontics? You probably picture metal wires and brackets with colorful elastics, right? But how familiar are you with some of the other orthodontic appliances available? There are quite a few of them, and they all play important roles in building healthy, properly aligned smiles. Read More

DIY Whitening After Braces, Maybe Not

A GOOD-LOOKING SMILE with white, even teeth is a major confidence booster and really helps make a good first impression, whether you’re going on a date or sitting down for a job interview. The widespread desire for whiter teeth in today’s society, combined with internet culture, has given rise to a number of popular do-it-yourself teeth Read More

Different Types Of Dentures

  MANY OF US HAVE TO deal with tooth loss as we get older, whether because of an injury or tooth decay. What can we do when this happens to us? Fortunately, the field of prosthodontics (false teeth), has come a long way, giving us plenty of options for filling those gaps back in, and you Read More

Can Pregnancy Affect Orthodontics Treatment?

  PREGNANCY AFFECTS NEARLY every aspect of your life–your lifestyle, your diet, your health, and much more! Your mouth is no exception to the changes your body may experience during pregnancy. But will pregnancy in any way affect your sterling orthodontics treatment? Be Aware Of These Things During Pregnancy If you are pregnant or trying to Read More

Are Invisible Aligners Right for You?

THE TIME WHEN getting braces meant spending years with a mouth full of metal that hooked to bulky headgear is long past. These days, traditional wire braces are more streamlined and discreet, but the option that has become increasingly popular for orthodontic treatment is the invisible aligner. How can you know if this option is right Read More

3 Orthodontic Tips For Cold And Flu Season

WHEN THE COLD AND FLU SEASON STRIKES, your teeth and braces are probably the last things you’re thinking about as you reach for another tissue! But there ARE some things related to that cold or flu that can affect your oral health. Since tooth decay and gum disease can be especially risky during sterling orthodontics treatment, we want Read More

i-CAT Cone Beam 3d Dental Imaging System

  As it has been for a while now, at some point in life, technological advancement would introduce a new thing which would be considered the “next big thing”, and the “game changer”. The new big thing is always an improvement, one that extremely changes how things are done. An example of such technological improvement Read More